Cozy (Colonies Edition)

Apparently the first weekend in November causes international desires for hygge.  Rather than spending the weekend at yet another speech meet, I got to spend time with friends, see a good movie, clean my apartment, fix my fireplace, drop off my ballot, do yoga, take a bubble bath, buy fresh fruit and flowers:


make whole-wheat no-knead bread:


counter any sort of nutritional goodness of the fruit and fiber by making apple-pecan cinnamon rolls:


and enjoy a leisurely, pleasantly cool fall morning in my apartment making travel plans with a certain gentleman in London while curled up on my couch in a nest made of the weighted blanket my parents gave me for my birthday.


What a lovely way to spend a weekend with an extra hour in it.

One comment

  1. What a nice weekend! Is your bread 100% whole wheat? It looks like you got a “good rise” with it. Hard to do with whole wheat.


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