Stress Baking

Two surprise observations and a kid who slammed his head to the desk to complain about the fact I told him he’d done his worksheet wrong.

Except he slammed his head right when his partner was erasing their work.

So the pointy end of the pencil was up.

So I had to ask the district lady observing me to keep an eye on my class while I walked him to the office for the puncture wound on his forehead.

So I came home and made banana bread.

One comment

  1. I once did that pencil thing! It’s one of my favorite stories to tell, so I’m sure I’ve told it to you before 😉

    It was in fourth grade for me, and I was laughing at a friend instead of banging my head in rage. I poked my head with my pencil and thought nothing of it, just felt dumb – but then my table mate said “BLOOOOOD!” and I felt my head and there was a river of it. I went to the teacher, face completely smeared in blood and said “I think I should go to the nurse”. She said “off you go” and the nurse gave me a bandaid.


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