Three Unrelated Things


I had an interesting discussion with my 6th graders in homeroom this week about the new French law banning cell phones at school for students under 15.  Surprisingly, most of them were fine with the idea so long as they had access to their phones to and from school.  There seems to be a lot of fear over something happening in transition and not being able to reach their parents.  “What if the bus breaks down?” “What if I forgot my lunch?” “What if I get lost on my bike?”

Painfully aware that I was about to speak Classic Old Person Speak, I couldn’t help but point out that I didn’t have a phone until college and yet was just fine getting to and from school.

“My parents told me that it’s a different world now,” William said.  “It’s more dangerous than when they were growing up.  Someone could take me on my way to school.”

Despite a fear of kidnapping apparently pervading the group, none of them brought up the issue of needing phones for safety during school.  Maybe that’s more of a high school fear? (Fun joke!  You know what the best part of summer vacation is?  Three months without school shootings!)

My favorite part of the discussion, though, came from Zach.  “I think it’s not okay to use phones at school.  I mean, if they’re just…” he trailed off.  “Wait.  Do they have smart phones in France?”

All heads swivel to me.

“Yes,” I said.  “France is just like us.”

They all seemed surprised by this.  Forget any takeaways about student rights vs. education management.  I’m counting the lesson as a win if they learned that they have smartphones in France.



I have driven 1000 miles in my new car on less than 20 gallons of gas.

I really like having a hybrid.



While driving Jack to his piano lesson yesterday, he was monologuing about all of the pizza options in his neighborhood.  “Is pizza still your favorite food?” I asked.

“No,” he said.  “My favorite food is egg whites.”

“Egg whites?” I repeated, certain I had misheard.

“Yup,” he said, “Like hard boiled eggs, but not the yolks.  Egg whites.”  His tone turned rhapsodic, “They’re so… juicy and bland.”

One comment

  1. I can’t stop laughing about Jack’s description. Wow. He was happy that I was making hard boiled eggs and packing them in his lunch box occasionally. I didn’t know he loved them THAT much. And yet, he makes them sound so disgusting.


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