By Threes

I have three (THREE!) cold sores on my bottom lip at the moment. That makes four cold sores in the last week.

Do you think my body’s trying to tell me something?

Yes. Yes I am.

(This photo is dedicated to blog-pictures-of-herself-shy Miranda, who posted a decidedly cute picture today.)

When I got home from school yesterday after spending Wednesday night up in Mountain Town, I found cat vomit in my bed.

Do you think my cat’s trying to tell me something?

Yes. Yes, I am.

I don’t have a speech meet tomorrow. I do have a bagful of papers to grade before Conferences next week, and I’m going to talk to Rachel about the choreography for the musical; but first I am going to take Brenda’s suggestion and stay in bed until “after McDonald’s stops serving breakfast.”

Am I inspired by Emily’s haiku?

Yes. Yes, I am.

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