Veraderos (besides the beach)

Our hosts, Willy and Aurora. They were delightful.
The inside of one of the vintage cars. If you zoom in, you can see “Usher” on the radio. 🙂
It’s too long to type out, but this magazine, pads, and tampons are the result of my favorite story from the trip. Ask me in person and I’ll tell you why they are treasures.
I snuck this pic of the inside of a bodega. Note the lack of displayed products, the list of prices/availability, the inspirational wall decor, etc. it was a fascinating glimpse of communist consumerism.
Even the stores for tourists didn’t have much on display.
We ate at a Russian restaurant one night. They brought out an ice bucket for our waters. 🙂

They take the health warnings seriously here.
We wound up eating here three times since it was decent.
For example.

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