Life with Hela

1. I set two hair elastics on the counter. Hela hops up and immediately bats one to the ground. Then she picks up the other in her paw-claws, tilts her head at it, then shakes it off her paw into the toilet.

2. I was woke up at 11:30 at night by the doorbell. When it rang a second time, I stumbled out of bed and lookEd through the peephole. No one. That’s when I realized I was hearing my old doorbell, not the tones of the new Ring one I got for Christmas and had just installed. I looked at the bar in my kitchen, and there’s Hela, pawing curiously at the glowing blue button of the old doorbell for a third time.

3. Turns out being woken at 11:30!by a doorbell is not nearly as spooky as being woken up at 4:00 AM by the gentle sound of a cat walking slowly across piano keys.

Some owners may not blame her as she is deaf and had no idea that she was making a creepy, discordant melody with her explorations.

Some owners are not me.

She also helps with packing!

Mog continues to act like a perfectly boring, perfectly crotchety old lady.

Mog is also not impressed by her roommate’s nighttime antics.

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