Home Upgrades

The chandelier that came with my condo wasn’t anything remarkable:

I wanted something a bit more interesting, and I found one I liked on Amazon. More untraditional, a bit whimsical to fit the colors of my rugs and books and Knick-knacks. Plus, the light temperature is complete controllable; sometime I wanted since I haven’t figured out what light bulb color works in my place.

So, after buying a ladder and doing a bit of creative handling to lift up a fixture while screwing it into place, I installed a new light:

On a roll, I decided to replace my kitchen light too. That one was a little harder to do solo, but not impossible:

Old light
New light

With no school today (Martin Luther King Day) and warming weather, I also mounted the tire shelf in my garage. I got snow tires two weeks ago and my old tires have been riding round in my backseat since then as I had no better place to store them.

I didn’t have a stud finder, but fortunately I don’t care at all about my garage walls and thus am not bothered by the dozen or so new nail holes. It only took a few episodes of “Would I Lie to You” to get this installed and the tires out of the way:

What I still haven’t tackled is the terrible beige tile around my fire place, as seen in this picture of Hela enjoying a rare Mog-free hearth:

My very limited experience installing tile at an orphanage in Thailand prompts me to think I need to leave this job to a professional. I just need to figure out whether I’m bold enough to do a bold dark zellige or stay neutral….

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