Justin Wins Christmas

Justin is our resident TikTok reader. He’s introduced our friend group to many enjoyable videos this year, including this fellow:

Top Five Hottest Signs

He asked me on Christmas Eve to videotape Jason’s reaction to opening a particular gift, promising to give me a subtle signal when it was time (ie a giant wink). To our delight, this was the gift:

Jason’s Cameo

Absolutely hilarious. Justin apparently was the one who had the idea of getting photos ranked and personally selected the very best options for this. We watched it multiple times right away, gasping with laughter.

And then my phone beeped a text alert. I had a link from Justin, who was now aiming his camera at me as I clicked to see what it held.

Amanda’s Cameo

Also amazing. Holy crap. Most of the photos are from our India trip, and I have no idea what I’m holding (largely because I can’t get a good enough look at the pic to recall).

Justin unquestionably won Christmas this year. Bravo, good sir! Well played!

And remember: molars and bulges are HOT.

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