Now We Are 42

I had a delightful birthday yesterday full of surprises.

Becca greeted me in my classroom with roses and a Shakespearean insult bag full of dark chocolate (yum!):

After school I got to FaceTime with my parents and Andy and open presents. We’re all busy with work, but hopefully we get to see each other in person again soon.

Just as we were hanging up, Rachel, Ben, and the boys came over to say hello and bring me homemade leftovers since I was just back from a trip (more on that soon) and had no groceries. They also gave me a fruit tart and some bits of other French pastries.

Then Fara dropped by with pie! I was a bit baffled when she showed up with two pies for us to share, but then my doorbell rang to reveal Bryn with ice cream! And then Kristin and Tammy! And then Lisa too! So many people I love! If I hadn’t just seen Jason and Justin in Seattle a few days before, I wouldn’t have put it past them to walk in my door too.

It was very much a school night for everyone so we kept the visit short, but it was such a delight. When I checked in with my classes the next day and it was my turn to share how I was feeling, “loved” is what I responded. “I feel loved today.”

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