Suffering for My Art

As you may recall, I had to strip my classroom at the end of the year. (We were promised the rooms would be deep cleaned over the summer; but based on the scuff marks on my walls that did not happen.). Thanks to the district rewiring the projector hookups, I also had to reconfigure the layout.

Between those needs, I spent a good day and a half exclusively on putting my classroom back together. I got it done, but not without injury:

While hanging show poster out of the reach of would-be idle vandals, I tipped over the stool I was using and whacked my shin against it multiple times as I fell. It’s not too painful now (except when a cat tries to sit there), but I did get a good bruising.

Was it worth it when the first batch of 6th graders walked in today and collectively went “Ooooo….”?

Yes, it was.


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