I have several contemporary artists bookmarked on my browser that I like to check in on, and I have even made a few fanciful inquiries about purchasing pieces I especially like (oh that I had a spare $9000 for one of the pieces from this series by Julia Hall!).

One of them, a Utah artist I like, Justin Wheatley, has a few prints that he sells at a lower-than-usual cost. His explanation is the kind of thing that makes me like humans:

The price of this print is discounted because of the spiritual nature of the work and my desire for anyone who can connect with the piece in some way to have it. If the price is still too high, please let me know and we can work something out.

I’m not usually one for LDS art, but I do like this:

sm tree.jpg

I really liked it when I read the title:

“The Man, The Tree, The Rod, and The Words of Strangers and Friends”

(I am easily won over by poetic or referential titles of art pieces. None of this “Composition No. 12” or “Color Study” nonsense for me. Give me a coded Shakespeare quote or simply a lovely bit of phrasing like this one and you’ve won my heart.)

So I followed what Justin (Jason’s Justin, not Justin the artist) has termed “Amanda and Jason’s Rule for Shopping” (Don’t worry about where the Thing You Love will go in your house. Buy the Thing You Love and there will be a place for it) and lo, found a place for it in my sewing room.

Alas, the layout of the wall is now off. I will have to find another Thing I Love to fill it. Thank goodness we’re going to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival soon!

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