April Showers

“It’s fine to fully open the schools and have full classes!” they said. “They will wear masks! It’ll be fine!”

“But what about lunches?” we asked.

“They’ll eat outside!” they said. “It’ll be fine!”

“But what about when the weather’s bad?” we asked. “You want us to have 30 kids in a 30×30 classroom, all unmasked to eat?”

“It’s spring!” they said. “The weather is great! You’ll be fine!”

Today, April 16:

(It’s still snowing too!)

I had two indoor lunch periods this week due to bad weather. My full class, all in my room sitting next to each other, all unmasked.

I skipped lunch so I could keep my mask on and thanked my parents again for giving me a heavy-duty air purifier at the start of the school year. And I’m vaccinated. The kids are not.

It’s not fine.

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