Getting Organized

(Originally written Saturday – I had some tech issues getting it uploaded….)

It’s my second spring break in a row that I’m spending at home.

As of today, I’m officially “fully vaccinated” for COVID-19. I got my second dose two weeks ago, along with a few days of aches and fatigue.

Even though I’m (mostly) immunized, it didn’t feel right to travel for this break. I’m still mad about the district’s decision to bring students back fully right after the break/holiday, and didn’t want to be hypocritical by traveling while angry at all of the families who are also traveling right before increased school exposure. I also continue to feel an odd sense of civic duty, as I have throughout the whole pandemic.

It’s not a wasted week, though. As it draws to an end I sit (metaphorically) atop several projects and a trip to Ikea, leading to:

an organized sewing wall

an organized pantry, where I splurged on something I’ve wanted for years:

an organized can-organizer (apparently my three-month supply primarily consists of corn and coconut milk, so if you have any recipes that use both, send them my way).

Hela helped by inspecting every item that came out of the pantry and every shelf within.

IKEA had some pretty fabrics, so I tested out my new sewing wall and made a skirt with funky hidden pockets made from leftovers of my Christmas projects:

Mog helped by attacking the lace I ran along the bottom of the skirt:

Then she decided it was actually my foot that was the enemy:

(There are claws embedded in my skin under those fluffy paws!)

I also purged my closet and came up with a few items to donate to Goodwill:

I reorganized/decluttered a few other places in my apartment, going so far as to sort even my screw jars into much more tidy boxes:

Definitely not the most exciting Spring Break, but not a wasteful one either.

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