So Cool

At the start of last summer, Rachel and Ben gave me an early birthday present – a Nintendo Switch Lite – so I could join the family in playing the new Animal Crossing.

It was fun! I’m pretty sporadic in playing video games, but I liked the communication it fostered as my siblings and niblings and I shared recipe cards, outfits, and star showers.

Andy gave me a game called Hades for my birthday, and it tickles all of my mythology geekiness, especially with cameos from Achilles and Patroclus (who are still and forever will be one of my favorite pairings thanks to Madeline Miller’s book).

It’s fun playing these games, figuring out the puzzles, and stocking up on references for my nephews and students. My students are always shocked when I mention that I play video games. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a girl or because I’m old, but it’s always met with some disbelief.

If only I still had what was probably my greatest birthday present – a playable Legend of Zelda wristwatch from my Grandpa Ed.

Like this, but I’m pretty sure mine had a white band.

Man, if I still had that watch I’d show them all just how cool I am.

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