Winter Break! (Kinda)

I officially posted my grades yesterday, ran a full day of classes, and attended my last faculty meeting of 2020!

The plan was to drive to GJ today to spend Christmas with my parents and Andy.

I was packed and ready to go by mid-morning, but a freak and unexpected “snow squall” (as the weather app deemed it) blew through last night and suddenly the roads that looked great with the sunny, 60 degree weather look like this:

and this:

and this:

Chains?! I haven’t had to use chains since I stopped doing a daily commute with a 3000-foot altitude-change.

I’ve dallied around all morning hoping for the roads to clear, but I’m at the crossing point where if I left now I’d be doing the summit and beyond in the dark. Since the current temp in Vail is…

… it is probably best to wait until tomorrow.


Oh, well. At least the forecast tomorrow is sunny and warmer (high of 27!). My car is already loaded, so I’ll just have to tame my bed-head and put the cats in their carriers and go.

It is nice to have these luxuries – family close enough to drive to, a good forecast tomorrow so I don’t have to hedge my bets for which day the weather will be best, cats that tolerate travel. I am bummed that I don’t get to see Jason this year – I miss doing Christmas with him and Justin. I thought about flying out to Seattle; but between a cough that won’t go away, a surprisingly strong sense of social responsibility, and the chance to spend the holiday not just with the parents but Andy too, I decided it was a no-go.

It’s strange. This will be the first year since college that I haven’t really traveled. This will be my second trip to GJ this year, and that’s it. Not even a quick weekend to New York or Chicago.

I hope next year’s different.

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