Travel with Cats!

I got this suitcase as a Christmas gift 11 months ago.

And now, for the first time in 11 months, I pulled it out for a trip.

2020 has been weird.

With the week off school, the previous two weeks spent quarantined at home, and a clean CoVid test, I set off on Sunday to spend Thanksgiving in Grand Junction with the parents and Andy.

And Roman and Mog and Hela.

My beasts did very well in the car. Mog was silent the entire way (although she’s still super-jumpy, especially when one of us pulls out a large container of some kind) and Hela only let out the occasional meow or sneeze.

We’ve been trying to acclimatize them and Roman to each other. Slowly. So far Roman is not at all okay with there being other cats around and has steeled herself to defending her territory in Andy’s room. Mog is curious, but each time she and Roman see each other, Roman goes into attack-prep mode and Mog runs away to hide for a while. Hela is just oblivious to the whole thing.

Aside from that, Mog has settled in well. She’s the friendly, curious cat she is at home, even resting in wide, open spaces:

While Hela is either getting into trouble:

investigating everywhere:

Or finding new places to nap:

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