Now We Are 41

It’s my birthday!

And it’s a low-key one. I got to celebrate yesterday with my family. My parents and Andy came over for a very quick trip. We gathered at my apartment for breakfast Sunday, opened presents, played games, Andy expertly wrangled Hela for me so I could cut a knot of fur off her belly, and we eventually got lunch as well before the Grand Junctioners had to hit the road.

It was lovely to see my family and get to spend time all together (albeit through masks).

Shortly after they left I fell asleep on my couch. I was (happily) awakened by my phone and got to spend a while catching up with Jason (who had quite the adventure later that night, if you’ve read his blog!).

My birthday proper had been a basic work day. Mondays are my easier days as I get a plan period and I don’t have meetings after classes. That relative calm was broken up by my principal calling me and the other teachers in the same cohort (i.e. those of us who teach the same half of the sixth grade) to tell us that two kids in our cohort have reported testing positive for CoVid.

I don’t especially want to rehash the frustration of the afternoon and the group of us dealing with kids being sent to school after they’ve been exposed. To skip over a lot of sketchy communication and “studies show” blah blah blah, the muckety-mucks at the district decided it’s not enough of a risk to quarantine any of us. So back to work tomorrow!

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