Jason Visits!

After a very quiet, very untraveled summer, I was absolutely delighted when Jason called to say he was coming for a weekend.

I de-furred the guest room as best I could and frequently started to look up shows or events we could see only to remember that there is nothing to see. This is the longest I’ve not seen a show of some kind. That I can deal with, but the thought that the shows just aren’t there, that Broadway and the Met and evening movie theatres are all just dark is so strange.

This may have also been the shortest amount of time Jason and I spent together in the summer in well over a decade, but it was so, so needed.

He arrived late Friday night. Saturday we met up with friends in the park next to my place and we shared a light brunch and talked for hours while staying well apart under the pavilion. Jason had met Kristin and Tammy before, but this was a chance for him and Bryn to meet. I love when the important people in my life know each other. It brings a satisfaction almost like perfect casting – I want them to know their looks and mannerisms and voices so when I bring them up in the future, they know what to imagine. Plus, why shouldn’t awesome people know each other?

Afterwards Jason and I drove up to Morrison. It’s a blip of a town that very much lives off the concert-goers at Red Rocks, and despite being only 10 minutes from me, I often forget about it. We planned on getting takeout from Beso des Artes, but discovered they were doing outdoor seating so we enjoyed a delicious and filling lunch outside next to their garden and under busy hummingbirds.

We’re smiling! Can’t you tell?

We explored the shops and walked along the river before heading back to my place for a rest. Despite going to bed at 1 AM the night before, our stamina had weakened in our middle age.

A new movie version of “The Secret Garden” was released that weekend, one we looked forward to seeing since they filmed scenes in Bodnant Gardens just a few weeks before we visited last summer. It was a solid adaptation with stunning wallpaper, and we spent a good 15 minutes afterwards with the “Special Thanks” credits paused so we could Google the filing locations and piece together which scenes were where (and for Jason to lament the many National Trust sites he didn’t see, despite his best efforts).

We had a simple dinner of cereal and peaches (oh, I love peach season!) and turned in a little after 1 AM again.

Sunday morning Jason went exploring in my neighborhood while I got dressed and listened to the Dialogue broadcast. We got a delicious brunch at First Watch and then I dropped my friend off at the airport.

It was an absolutely lovely and very much needed visit (albeit strange to not have a trip together or future visit to plan and discuss).

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