A Cutting Board

I made something I’ve wanted for quite some time. Given the amount of sewing I’ve been doing this summer and the amount of Amazon reward points I’ve saved up, I finally sprung for a cutting mat. A BIG cutting mat:

My craft table is from Ikea and thus runs by metric instead of Imperial. While it’s a tidy 80 cm x 120 cm, that means my 3 feet x 4 feet mat is a bit too big.

I fixed that by making a folding ironing board that fits under the mat.

Making it foldable is in part for storing purposes and in part so I didn’t have to buy a giant board and figure out how to cut it/get it home.
I consider it an ode to the homemade ironing board Lois had in her basement workroom. Although this one does not weigh nearly as much as hers. 🙂

With some handy clamps to hold it all in place as I work, it turns out to be a good system that lets me finally cut out patterns without sliding the mat/fabric all around AND that lets me iron fabric faster than a foot at a time.

Newest project is a dress from the fabric I got in Islington last summer (sigh!) and a pattern from Fancy Tiger. Cutting it out was a breeze!

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