I’m playing pub trivia online tonight for the second time. Rachel invited me to join the game, so I formed a team with friends through work/Becca.

From left to right: Shawn, Becca, me, Chris (Crystal, his wife, is putting their baby to bed), Karen, Mitch, and Amy

We’re up against 65+ other competitors through Zoom. The questions are shared to the whole group, then we get sent to breakout rooms to discuss and fill out a Google Form with our answers.

It’s fun and works surprisingly well for being all run remotely. Last week my team came in 7th out of 15, not bad for our first go-round, especially with our scribe (Becca) working her way through at least three margaritas over the course of the game. 🙂

We’ll see how we do today. We do have some extra help this week, though:

She’s very interested in the game and very much hanging on by her claws. 🙂

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