Thanks to an email forward from Rachel, I joined a group sewing masks for the Covid crisis.

This group is impressively organized, down to having labeled plastic bins outside their homes for no-contact pickups/drop offs. I signed up as a driver and to cut elastic.

While (re-)watching Arrested Development and Fleabag season 2, I cut a roll of 1.5 inch elastic into 450 quarter-inch, 11” lengths:

And when I dropped it off this evening, they had more donations for me to cut! Happily this round was already the right width so it only needed to be cut into 7” lengths without going through a couple of rotary blades doing those long, vertical cuts.

It’s nice to have a project that lets me contribute in some small way beyond just staying at home.


  1. Yes! Reba and her DFG helpers rock. I love working with them because they so easily pop me into a spot. I’ve done a different task each time I come, and it’s always easy and well organized, and I know that my little contribution will stack on top of everyone else helping, and together they create mountains of product. I’m glad you are helping!


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