Cat Shaving!

Since I seem to have a penchant for long-haired cats, I should expect to make cat shaving a regular part of life.

Towards the end, Natasha trusted me enough that I could shave her myself. I had no such luck with Hela and Mog.

Happily, I found a groomer nearby that took cats and that kept our appointment despite the ever-growing shutdowns.

Ready to go, and not at all happy about it!

I told the groomer I didn’t care what they looked like, that I just wanted the knots out and any possible problem areas thinned. Yes, this meant they both came back a bit silly looking, but it’s not as bad as the weirdly popular lion’s cut.

Mog only needed some clumps at the back taken out, giving her foofy behind an odd shape.

Hela, on the other hand, had a ton of knots. She came back with a look I’m calling the Ronin, given it’s similarity to Hawkeye’s new alias/haircut:

I’m guessing the new ‘do is a lot less warm since Hela crawled under the covers with me this morning for a nap.

After a LOT of licking, they seem happier. I’m certainly happier to have their nails trimmed. Gives my thighs a chance to heal from all the puncture wounds.

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