A Thank You Video

Remember how our musical students this year put together a scavenger hunt and got us tickets?

Well, a simple verbal thanks didn’t seem like nearly enough. Afterwards I was noodling around with alternate lyrics to “Oh, Sherrie,” one of the songs in the show, and …

We showed it to the kiddos on Friday. One of them said, “It’s everything I never knew I wanted in life!”

We were going to wait a bit longer – it was mostly a fluke that I happened to finish editing it earlier that week – but given the sudden news of the district-wide closure Rachel came in for just the beginning of class and we “gave” it to them* just before we released them into “remote learning” for an unknown length of time.

I still don’t know how we’re going to do musical rehearsals online, but at least the kids know we care.

*By which I mean we showed it to them, then I put a link to it on Google Classroom and said they could share it with the world to their hearts’ content. Teacher humiliation – it’s the best gift of all.


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