Good Call!

My newly-downloaded Snowday predictor app gave today a 64% chance of being a snow day.

When I woke up around 4 am and looked outside, there was a new coat of snow, but it didn’t look like much. I went back to sleep, expecting maaaaybe a late start, but figured I would instead need to leave early to slog to school on the ice.

To my surprise, school was cancelled for the day just as my alarm went off!

At first, I wondered if the superintendent had caved to parent pressure after Tuesday’s call had us teaching to 50% of the student body.

Then I looked outside:

It’s been snowing all day, and my parking lot is still a mess.

This was definitely the right call. And I’m not just saying that because I have apple cinnamon rolls in the oven, a cat on my lap, and “JoJo Rabbit” in queue.


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