Bah! Humbug!

I stopped decorating for Christmas years ago. I love the decorations I’ve picked up traveling, but it doesn’t seem worth it to put everything up when I’m the only one to see it and I’m usually gone for the holiday.

Trader Joe’s lured me in, though. I couldn’t resist the wee Lemon Cyprus tree they had:

And then I spotted an ivy wreath in a pot!

I’m sure it will die soon, but once I added the globe ornament I fell in love with the Yggdrasillian centerpiece.

Mostly because it came with fairy lights:

Who can resist fairy lights?

Bonus cat photos!

As I write, Mog is sleeping on the cat’s end of my couch:

And Hela’s dozing off on the styrofoam lid on my cabinet:

I know, I know. But I set it there while unpacking from my Thanksgiving trip and Hela immediately claimed it. It’s her favorite place to nap now, so I might be stuck with a styrofoam lid on my counter.

Maybe I can jazz it up with some fairy lights.

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