Jason’s been going to yoga classes at a studio nearby, and I discovered they had a new customer deal – three weeks of unlimited classes for £40.  What luck!  I happened to be in London for the next three weeks!

I signed up for the deal and have been to three classes so far.  I wasn’t sure about my level – I’ve been doing yoga on and off for 20 years, but haven’t been doing to well physically lately.  I tried out a “Restorative” session and a “Relax and Renew” session, both of which were a bit too easy for me.  Well, easy physically.  I’m still pretty terrible at relaxing my mind, but at least that’s far more difficult for people to judge me for.

Today I tried a “Slow Flow” class.  Jason had mentioned that he liked this studio because it stays cool.  The others he tried in London were inevitably the hot yoga type.  While they didn’t turn on the heat here and while it has been pleasantly in the 70’s this week, I wouldn’t call the studio “cool.”  It only took a few poses for me to be dripping with sweat.  Granted, a large part of that is my delightful genetics that try to ensure my pioneer ancestors didn’t schlep across the plains in vain.  No, my genes are made for the desert climates of Utah and Colorado.  Put me in any place with the slightest humidity and all moisture in my body immediately flees for the surface to join in.

I was a hot mess through the whole session.  Happily, whether it’s because he’s a yogi and therefore zen or because he’s British and therefore polite, the teacher didn’t say a word.  Also happily, they had a squirt bottle and paper towels available to wipe down the mats afterwards.


There is also a most intriguing shop next door.  I was going to stop by after class today but, as I mentioned, hot mess.  Tomorrow I’ll have to explore further.


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