Summer Accomplishment – Health

Well, a SA in progress, although one filled with minor accomplishments. I’ve been tackling health problems, targeting my depression and sleep issues first and foremost. I haven’t slept well in months, largely due to vivid, stressful dreams which have been getting worse. I’m also playing the mental health medication guessing game, which is causing not-fun side effects.

But being summer time does mean that I have a much MUCH easier time doing things like a sleep study:

(I had to attend a class to get the equipment, then drop it off across town between 7-10 AM the next morning. That would have been very difficult to do during the school year.)

and dealing with persistent nausea

(My dinner tonight – applesauce, soda crackers, and mint tea served in the mug from a far better meal).

Here’s hoping I can move from checking off steps to checking off actual health goals soon!

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