I’m officially on Summer Break!

Kind of.

I agreed to help out with a District-level theater project this week, so I will be going in to work for at least one more day tomorrow.  I was actually supposed to be there today, but I caught yet another chest cold as a parting gift from my students (4th one since January!).  I had to go into work yesterday to sign out officially, and that about wiped me out.  So, I called in sick today for the district project, dosed myself up on sleep and cold meds, and slept soundly for the first time in a while.  Like, 12 hours soundly.  It was great.

I’m not better yet, but I had enough energy to make rice pudding AND to do the dishes.  Now I’m enjoying my bowl of coconut-rice-cranberry sludge that slips down so easily under the wool blanket Jason gave me for Christmas while the cats take turns perching on me until my coughing startles them away.

Summer!  Whoo! (hack, cough, cough, hack)

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