Mog Update

I pick cats who are excellent at hide ‘n’ seek. Nash disappeared for four days when I first got her. I eventually found her behind the dishwasher and pulled her out with Emily and Ben’s help.

Miss Mog disappeared Saturday night. I searched a little, but not extensively. She visited me briefly sometime in the middle of the night and left a puddle on my couch, but I couldn’t find her anywhere Sunday. Finally, I uncovered her hiding spot:

That’s behind a box under my TV nook. I left the “cover” open and went about my tasks. She tried to hide again:

But eventually crept out and found the way better hiding spot I made for her. I have a long bookcase next to my couch, and there’s one cubby on it that’s empty since it’s tucked behind and essentially inaccessible. I put her blanket from the shelter in there and she settled into her hole quite happily.

I couldn’t find her again for a while, but when I was putting laundry away I heard a distinct purring noise behind me. There she was, curled up on top of one of my suitcases. She purred every time I came in.

She spent Sunday night exploring the house, but did join me on the bed for a little while just out of petting reach. I wasn’t expecting to see her before work, but as I was brushing my teeth I suddenly felt something furry wrap around my ankle.

I think she’s starting to feel at home.

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