Dear Sub

I had a district meeting yesterday, and came back to generally positive sub notes aside from a couple of students.  I’ve had disruption problems from these same students all term (quelle surprise), so I asked those students to write a letter of apology to the sub for me to email to her.


                                             Dear Sub

                                                                               I am very sorry for being who I am I am sorry but i was just asking questions because you had two degrees in theatre but in general I was off topic and very disrespectful. But i’m going to be honest you were basically screaming at me but I totally understand how hard it is to try to handle a lot of kids that are talking but you wouldn’t need to scream at me to go to your seat when you told me to get up and ask you questions. But this email is mainly for a sorry I shouldn’t have acted the way I did.

Sincerly ———


Image result for head desk gif


P.S.  One of the disruptors answered today’s Check In question, “What is the last good YouTube video you watched?” with “Hentai.”

That same class period another student came up to me privately to ask, “What is a prostitute?  Other people are talking about it and I don’t know what that word means.”

Oy.  Oy to the vey.

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