Begone, Illness!

I am finally (FINALLY) getting over this malady.  I’m pretty sure I caught it on the plane back from Australia and I’m pretty sure it’s bronchitis.  In the last week I discovered that my lungs could whistle, squeak, and crackle.  Sometimes all in one breath!

I slept a lot, usually double-teaming it with a humidifier on each side of the bed since I kept an extra one up at the Mountain Town condo anyway.  Annoyingly, I really couldn’t get much done.  I couldn’t even read, people.  I’d start a paragraph and then either forget what the beginning of the paragraph said before I got to the end of it or doze off in the middle or both.  I rewatched a few Marvel movies, rewatched a few episodes of 30 Rock, and went through a LOT of Kleenex.

In case the bronchitis itself wasn’t enough, I also came down with a round of the stomach flu over the weekend.  At least, I’m hoping it was the stomach flu in addition to the upper respiratory infection, since the alternative is that it wasn’t multiple viruses (viri? viropodes? …pauses to Google… viruses.  Ooh!  Although vira is an acceptable alternative!  Vira it is!) …it wasn’t multiple vira but instead was a single super-virus, hellbent on unleashing all of the possible symptoms on me at once.

Because Australia.

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