Scene: Theatre Class

Students are working in pairs or groups of three to find short scenes to memorize and perform for the class.  I approach a group of three boys, crowded around a laptop.

Me: How’s the scene search?

Them: Good.

Me: What scene are you looking at doing?

Them: Pointing collectively to the laptop screen  Star Wars!

I look at the screen and find the “I am your father” scene playing.

Me: This scene only has two people in it.

They nod as one.

Me: There’s three of you.

They nod as one.

Me: So… how are you doing this scene?

Boy 1: I’m Luke.

Boy 2: I’m Darth.

Boy 1 and 2: together, pointing to Boy 3  And he’s the Millennium Falcon.

All three smile at me eagerly.

Me: Nope.



Also Me: Internally

Image result for facepalm gif

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