Not Quite Back

I was supposed to go back to work today, but called in sick when I woke up with nausea and a fever on top of the cough and headache I’d gone to bed with.

Today and tomorrow are filled with meetings with a little bit of time set aside for us to get ready for Semester Two, which starts with the kiddos on Wednesday.

Given that after a rousing dinner of a pudding cup and a banana, I’m off to bed now, I could probably do with another day to take naps filled with nightmares about getting shot at while trying to call an Uber; but that’s not gonna happen. I have all new classes starting Wednesday, and so I must to work.

The good news is that my extensive research (i.e. a single 1:00 AM Google search) suggests that this is not the Zika virus. I had wondered, given the several mosquito bites I picked up down under. This doesn’t mean this illness isn’t Australia trying to kill me in other non-Zika ways, though. I won’t be so foolish to dismiss that suspect so quickly!

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