New Classroom

It took a while, but I’m finally feeling settled into my new classroom.

When I took the job, the admin. asked me what kind of furniture I wanted. I said I preferred tables to desks and that above anything else, it needs to be easy to move out of the way.

When I came in at the end of summer, I found my room filled with tables on wheels (yay!) and these colorful stools:

I have mixed feelings about the stools so far. Each section can be pulled apart and restacked. Cool idea, especially since about half my kiddos can’t reach the ground when they’re stacked three high (sixth graders are TINY!). The bottoms all have convex disks, though, that make them wobbly. It’s a sight I’m still getting used to, seeing a room full of kids all looking at me, paying attention, rocking side to side.

Can you guess how long it took before a kid rocked all the way over and flipped to the ground? Half a day. To my surprise, they haven’t tried standing on them while wobbling until today, though. Four days in.

I need to come up with some sort of rule about the stacking. Today was excessive with the stacking up and down as they arranged their optimal seats in each class. I won’t let them go above three high, but many have tried to restack to make them shorter, or to get a footstool of one level, or to put a wobbly bottom on top of wobbly two-fers because… I don’t know. Because middle school.

My favorite part of my room is these built-in bookshelves and cabinets.

Glorious! Every teacher should get a wall of those. While I did fill up the bookshelves (I have books in three other locations, three boxes worth to donate to another middle school nearby that’s not as well off, and some that I just took back home), I still have three empty drawers. Three! Just think of the possibilities.

It’s not done yet, though. I need to figure out where the power cord is for my label maker so I can label all the things. It’s going to be so gosh-dang organized!

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