National Portrait Gallery

While chatting with my parents, they mentioned that I should check out the Tudor room at the National Portrait Gallery.

“Take a selfie with Elizabeth!” were my dad’s exact words, in fact.

So I did.

Somehow I keep forgetting how much I enjoy portrait galleries. There’s something about having so many people looking at you. Plus, at least with this one, it’s really astounding to see faces for so many names I know from history. Then, once you get to the 20th century rooms, it’s likewise fascinating to see so many faces you know from photographs depicted through paint.

There are also things that are just fun, such as how Victoria and Albert are depicted here in Anglo-Saxon dress:

Or how they displayed this sculpture of the man who translated Arabian Nights in to English:

Or the curious cleavage of these ladies:

Or how this painting was a typical one of its time, meant to show off the accomplishment of these sisters to possible suitors:

It was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, and I even got an accidental self-portrait as a souvenir:

Then, because it is hot, I got gelato.

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