Flying Tiger

My mom discovered a European chain of stores called Flying Tiger Copenhagen while she was in Germany this spring.  They have a few locations in New York, but we were too busy with the kiddos to squeeze in a trip.  I was pacified when I discovered that there was a location not two blocks from Jason’s flat, and it was the first place I went this morning.


My mom described it as an Ikea-style stationary store, which is apt.  I held back and only bought three notebooks, but promised myself I’d return later in the month to stock up on things for school.

Look at the notebooks I got though!

Sequin Notebooks.gif


I’m pretty stocked to prep my Gospel Doctrine classes in these so I can stand up in front of the class with gold-and-pink sequined notes.  Plus, they are excellent fiddle items.

I also got this notebook:


because look at the inside:


I think I will either love or hate having the pages sub-divided like this.  I’m curious to see which!

(Also pictured in the background are the apple chips I got because apple chips are delicious.)

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