Nephew Sleepover 2018

Jack and Sam spent the night at my house the weekend before last. Our adventures included:

  • A trip to Lowe’s for blinds for one of my summer projects
  • A trip to Barnes and Noble for the boys to each pick out a new book (I love that Jack’s such a good reader and has moved up to chapter books. My recommendation abilities are much sharper now!)
  • A trip to Trader Joe’s for dinner/breakfast foods. Jack got a pepperoni pizza and apples. Sam got mangoes, kiwi, a pineapple, strawberries, pears, bananas, and chicken nuggets. He ate half a kiwi.

After dinner and a few episodes of Gravity Falls we went to the playground to burn energy before the sun set.

Then popcorn and a viewing of Babe. I hadn’t seen it since it came out, but boy was it a much-quoted movie for my generation. I was impressed with the puppetry still. The boys were mystified by seeing piglets nurse. City kids.

They both fell asleep quickly on a pile of cushions in my living room. I had to find a reading light for Sam so he could “read” his new Gravity Falls book while Jack went to sleep right away. I got them settled, brushed my teeth, and came back out to find them both sound asleep already.

In the morning they ate breakfast while watching Kung Fu Panda, which I had never seen (!!! said the boys).

They played with the wire chicken filled with eggs from my travels, as they always must when they come to my house, and the stuffed animals I brought home from school, then we packed everything up and went to the playground again.

I dropped Sam off at a birthday party, then went about teaching Jack the proper way to spend a hot Saturday in the summer:

We got drinks and a cookie to share and sat and read for a bit at Starbucks before heading back to the Mason’s house to meet Rachel and Ben for lunch.

It was a fun night and the boys are definitely easier to entertain the older they get. I hope these sleepovers stay a tradition!

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