On the Nile and At the Movies

Friday morning we met our guide early to take a smaller boat up the river.

It was lovely and peaceful and a wonderful way to spend our last morning in Upper Egypt. After checking out the flora and fauna we docked at the Nubian village that was created for the people whose homes were wiped out when the Nile was dammed.

I love the bright colors and watching the kids play with the camels.

We looked around a school there and had a short lesson from one of the teachers in Arabic and Nubian (which uses the Arabic letters since it is not a written language).

Then we walked to the Crocodile House where crocodiles (who were also displaced by the flooding) are raised in cringey conditions.

We were required to pose with one of them.

Jason got battle wounds:

From there we went to the airport to fly to Cairo.

Once we checked into our hotel near the airport in Cairo, we had a delicious lunch/dinner at a Lebanese restaurant:

Then we decided to go see Black Panther.

Turns out the mall is THE place to be on a Friday night in Cairo! We were surprised by how busy it was when we arrived,

But it was even busier when we left the movie:

It would have been nice to check out the mall and people watch a bit more, but we had arranged for our taxi back to the hotel to meet us at 9 pm. We were already a bit late since we forgot to take into account the mid-car-chase pause for the evening prayer:

It’s still a good movie, and it was fun to see it in Africa.

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