On the Nile

After two days (ish) in Luxor, we’ve officially set sail on our cruise down the Nile. There’s no WiFi on board (or, rather, there’s WiFi that our guide warned us was really pricey and really slow), so this will be a shorter post than usual.

Luxor’s great. The city is much prettier than Cairo and the sites are amazing. Our guide, Mahmoud, was knowledgeable and quite friendly. Everywhere we went he was shaking hands and exchanging hugs and cheek kisses with others.

We saw the Temple at Karnak,

the Luxor Temple,

Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple,

and three tombs in the valley of the kings.

We also visited an alabaster factory, tried street bread,

and took a Nile taxi.

Now I’m admiring the views:

While Jason enjoys the sun, the heat, and being far away from work:

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