Christmas Eve

After I had a chance to freshen up after arrival, the Js and I hopped on a bus to visit the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.

It was zany. Lots of flashy carnival rides (of which we did not partake) and fried dough options (of which we did partake). Kiosks sold all kinds of things. Happily, I checked off one of my goals – the last time I was in London I bought a leaf-pouch at Camden Markets. It’s worn through, so I was hoping to find the makers and get a replacement. Lo!

We also tried something new – halloumi fries, which came topped with honey, paprika, mint, coriander, peppers, and more!

We left as it was getting dark(er) and, happily, just as the big crowds were turning up. After taking the tube back to Jason’s neighborhood, we walked past five different Indian food restaurants to reach Holy Cow, a takeaway shop that provided us a tasty Christmas Eve dinner:

After dinner came good conversations, dessert from Paul’s bakery, and scripture reading by Jason in a variety of accents (the Christmas story takes on a whole new flavor when the angel makes his pronouncements in Cockney).

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