Christmas Crafts

I didn’t do too many DIY gifts this year. December’s been a kind of crappy, uncertain month. I did needlefelt two ornaments, one for my Home Teachers (who LOVE snowmen) and one for the middle school principal (who LOVES fairies):

Stabbing things repeatedly with sharp, pointy objects was the kind of crafting I could manage this month.

I did do one bit of sewing. To my delight, Jack (and consequently Sam) has gotten way into Harry Potter this year. I had a set of Potter Puppet Pals I made a while back for a drama play, so I pulled them out, touches them up, and gave my nephews an early present:

Dumbledore’s head fell off almost immediately, but I reattached that while we watched Muppet Family Christmas. It was a lovely bit of holidaying with the Masons, which I had not done much of up to that point.

I’m about to make up for it, though. I’m at DIA now

about to board a flight to London for Christmas with the Js. A friend of Jason’s from DC, Amy (whom you may recall from camping in Assateague), will be joining us on the 26th for a quick trip to Scotland and for New Year’s. Should be a fun and much needed trip.

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