Itinerary for Friday’s Field Trip

“This,” one of my students declared, “is why you always read Waterhouse instructions.”


Adv. Drama Field Trip – Macbeth on Friday, Oct. 20

8:10 AM – Meet in Main Office lobby for roll call

8:13 AM – Go to the bus.  If you drove to school, take your car to the dirt lot near Loaf ‘n’ Jug.

8:20 AM – Pick up drivers at Loaf ‘n’ Jug

10:30 AM – See the play

12:30 PM – Post-Show Talk-Back with actors/crew

1:15-ish PM – Lunch (bring or purchase along the 16th street mall. Options there include Goodtimes, Subway, Taco Bell, ModMarket, Cheesecake Factory, etc.)

2:45 PM – Workshop at DCTC

4:00 PM – Back on bus, up the mountain

5:00 PM – Arrive back at Loaf ‘n’ Jug, make your own way home.

5:15 PM – Run into three witches in the woods, receive prophecy

5:17 PM – Text news of prophecy to your bae

5:30 PM – Bae meets you at home, convinces you that prophecy = murder

5:34 PM – Having seen the play, you know that prophecy ≠ murder.

5:35 PM – Talk bae out of murder; make out instead.



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