Home Speech Meet!

Apparently I have a reputation among the Speech coaches of Colorado of being the most organized. I chalk it up to running a tight ship when I host meets. Consistently my meet is done hours ahead of others. I think it’s about 60% organization and 40% me prioritizing getting the meet done over being nice. (“Kid X isn’t in his assigned room? Start the round without him.” Other coaches would look up what school he’s from, find that coach, then have that coach locate the kid who is 90% of the time wandering around the building like a clueless teenager because he didn’t know the round was starting because he is, in fact, a clueless teenager).

Today, happily, keeps up the tradition. I’m counting it as a win, even though one school scheduled their bus pickup for the wrong time. We’ve actually been done for an hour now (it’s 3:45), but their coach is in my office making frantic phone calls to try to get a bus here earlier than 7.

Guess who gets to stay here waiting with them until their bus shows?

Organized? Yes. A bitch when necessary to get the job done? Yes. Alas, though, I cannot control what other people do (or don’t do).

I guess I could write my sub plans for next Friday while I wait.

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