Road Trip!

Kristin, Twila, Meghan, and I miraculously managed to scrape together 3.5 days a few weeks ago to take a quick jaunt out to the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

We stayed at an AirBnB that was filled with metal art, including a tub with several exposed copper pipes and gaskets to direct the water out of various openings.  We saw two plays – As You Like It and Shakespeare in Love, and checked out the new facilities for the festival.  The shows were fine, but the company was terrific.  Twila and Kristin are two of the friends I went to Paris with (Fara was going to come too, but had a family conflict come up), and Meghan is a lobbyist (the good kind, Twila’s always quick to assure) whose husband is a music professor/conductor and who lives in a spiffy house downtown.  She’s also the Gospel Doctrine teacher in her ward, so we were both preparing lessons on the road.  

Meghan, Twila, me, and Kristin

We split the drive there and got to stay with my folks for a night on our way.  I was super-pleased because I always love it when important people in my life get to meet and talk.  Plus, it led to interesting discussions about what makes good parents as we drove the next day. 

For the record, my parents are very good parents.  And everyone agrees, so it’s not just bias. 🙂

Awkward group selfie!

(Before you theater goers get scandalized, this is pre-show.)

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