Into the Props

This year’s musical, “Into the Woods,” went off beautifully last weekend.  I was disappointed in the turn out (a solid 230 people or so each night), until I pulled up my records from previous shows and found that the only show we’ve done that outsold it was “Beauty and the Beast.”  Dang Disney.

As always, some of the props required quite a bit of creativity.

18 feet of hair for Rapunzel?  After a lot of shopping around, I wound up with making it out of yarn.

And by making it, I mean having my TAs make several hundred trips around chairs:

Jack needed a “golden harp.”  I had cardboard, yarn, duct tape, and a Barbie, so I turned this:

into this:

You might think that this prop, ‘Rapunzel’s prince, blinded by thorns,’ was my favorite of the lot:

since it gave me some nice creative  stress therapy (and for those of you concerned about Joe’s eyes, please.  I’m the daughter of an ophthalmologist.  There’s about 10 layers of padding between the glued-in sticks and his eyes).

My actual favorite prop was the beanstalk because one of my freshman techies made the entire dang thing herself.  My only contribution was the fabric.  She designed, cut, sewed, and problem-solve the entire thing; then told me her mom came to the show just to see her beanstalk.

That makes me a very happy teacher.

(Alas, it appears I didn’t get a picture of it.)

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