Shave and a Haircut

In one of my fits of frugality, both of time and money, I decided to shave Natasha myself this year.

I usually wait until spring so the weather’s warmer and so I have time post-speech/musical; but she was pretty knotted, the weather’s been in the 60’s for most of 2017, and Amazon Prime had a “Professional Pet Grooming Kit.”

Natasha spent the first twenty minutes purring contented in my lap.  She had my undivided attention and I was holding her tightly – what’s not to love?

It was the knottier knots that made her decide this was not so fun.  She started nipping at my hands, the biting me and the razor, whichever was in reach.  We wound up doing the last part with her tucked backwards under my arm, her teeth far away from any biteable parts of me.

Three evening sessions and one paper bag full of fur later…

Skinny cat is back!

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