Seasonal Dressing

I’m falling into the trap of not blogging about things because I haven’t finished blogging about the last thing (i.e. the New York trip), but then I go and slice enough of my thumb off to make the blood run down my wrist and to make me think, “Huh. I wonder if this is a go-to-Urgent-Care-you-stubborn-idiot kind of thing?”

Being the responsible adult that I am, I called my mother instead.  After consulting with her and then consulting with my dad (and I must admit that getting long distance diagnostics has gotten a lot easier since you can send photos via text), I wrapped my thumb up an old washcloth, paused the dinner making, and spent a while holding my hand over my head.

I change that to a proper bandage after an hour or so. My dad was concerned about my choices of “proper bandage” (see the time but I sliced my elbow open in college and decided to rip up an old nightgown for bandages, like any fan of Little House on the Prairie or Little Women would know how to do), but then I remembered that I have a first aid kit in the back of my car because I’m a good Mormon.  Huzzah!

My thumb’s wrapped up properly now, and I mostly sure that the blood I see around the bottom of the bandage is from my dressing change and not new.  I’m emptying the dishwasher now one-handed while dictating this blog entry because I multitask like a good woman. We’re going to ignore the fact that I had a book open in front of me while I was slicing the apples for dinner because I wasn’t reading the book at the exact moment that I sliced my thumb and therefore it’s totally OK for me to continue to multitask.

Also good to know that the moment I sliced my thumb, my first thought was to get away from the India rug.

Priorities.  I’m doing them right.

Also? My timing is excellent – I’m taking my kids to see Frankenstein at the DCTC tomorrow. I now have the perfect accessory!


Warning to those of you who may be sensitive because you did not dissect eyeballs on the kitchen table for Family Home Evening – bloody photos below.

Bandage #1
Mid-changing of the guards
Bandage #2
Completed wrapping with bonus jealous cat

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