Nailed It

Among our many talents, Jason and I are very good at Saturday’s in New York.

After rendezvousing at the hotel and staying up until 3 AM talking (and, in Jason’a case, rearranging the furniture in the hotel room to his liking), we dragged ourselves out of bed the next morning, dressed for the opera, and set off to find brunch at, where else, Le Pain Quotidien.

Jason looks happy here because a) he has a pain au chocolat, and b) this is before the waiter spilled mustard on Jason’s pants.  And this was just after he regaled me with a story about his “suiting emergency” last month.  With no time to frantically shop for a new suit, he made do with a bottle of sparkling water (which the waiter immediately provided, to his credit), and we finished our meal and trotted across the street to the show.

(To be continued!)

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