Thursday – Institute Logistics

We didn’t have any official lectures/seminars today. Instead, the day was devoted to discussing some of the questions that have been raised (such as: What is the difference between Islam and Muslim?) and planning for the project we are each required to complete as a part of the NEH grant.  I have more than a few ideas for ways I can apply what I’ve learned, so I’m not anticipating this being a difficult task.  They also brought in four teachers from the last institute to share what they’ve been doing in their classrooms with the materials since then.

Food of the Day:  The “Street Treat” taco from Tac and Roll, an Asian/Mexican fusion restaurant.  That particular taco was Thai-inspired and included grilled chicken, a “Wang Alley” marinade, sweet chili sauce, pineapple, jalapeno, and cilantro.

Photo of the Day: Lavie, one of my fellow participants, teaches at the University of Hip Hop in Chicago and is a graffiti artist.  He offered to paint the outside of the City Lore storefront, and did so over lunch today.  Here’s the end results:

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