Travel Priorities

I spent a large chunk of my afternoon today searching for a hotel in London.  My indecision stems from the following combination:

I do not want to share a bunk bed/bathroom with 19-year-olds;
I want to pay hostel prices for central London accommodations.

This is a paradox that I cannot resolve.

After many, many rounds of negotiations with myself/the Internet yielded no agreements, I decided I needed to have a place to stay far less than I needed shows to see.

Within 20 minutes I booked tickets to four performances* in three days (and there’s still 3 time slots I can fill!).

I do not have a place to lay my weary head, but by golly I have Shakespeare.

Which should surprise absolutely none of you.

* For the curious, I’ll be seeing:

Everyman at the National Theater (yay, medieval morality plays!)
War Horse at the National Theater (yay, puppets!)
– A staged reading of the short story Othello was based on and a lecture on Shakespeare and Islam, as part of the “Shakespeare Inspired Talks” at the Wanamaker Playhouse next to the Globe (yay, academics!)
As You Like It at the Globe (yay, Jacques!)

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